Friends of Henllys PTA

The Friends of Henllys are a group of Parents, Carers and Teachers who come together to help support the sense of community and schools ethos through organising social and fundraising events throughout the school year.

In a typical year we organise and run a range of events, which have included;

Summer Parties, Spring and Christmas Fayres, School Discos, Christmas Card Projects, Personalised School Bags and a Musical event. We have also supported at a range of school activities and social events run by the church (latterly the `Light Party’).

How are the funds raised by the Friends of Henllys spent?

The PTA has funded a large range of projects (both big and small), including;

  • IT including laptops, I pads and Beebots (programmable tools) and coding equipment. 
  • Guided Reading Scheme.
  • Teacher / class mini grants.
  • Visits from theatre groups.
  • Christmas gifts for all children in the school.
  • Purchase of a range of resources for the school and sponsorship of social events. 
  • We have many ideas for future events, and areas for further funding support.

How can you help?
The Friends of Henllys relies solely on volunteers, we recognise that all parents and carers throughout the school have wide-ranging skills and ideas, and would love the opportunity to draw upon these when planning and running future events. 


Whether you are able to offer an hour at the next social event, have an idea you would like to share or would like to join the committee please let us know, every little helps!!


Please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee either directly (details are outlined below) or through the school.


We also run a Facebook page, which outlines information on the forthcoming PTA events. `Friends of Henllys PTA


Diana Turner (Chair) Mum to Anya and Keira Y5
Kate White (Vice Chair) Mum to Emily Y5 and Grace Y2
Sian Chantry (Secretary) Mum to Eve ad Erin Chantry Y5
Trish Hitchens (Treasurer) Mum to Jacob Y6
Vicki Parry Mum to Charlotte Y1
Mr Yendle (Y3 teacher) Dad to Samantha Year4 and School representative.