Our Vision and Values

Our Ethos:

Growing and Learning Together through the love of Christ.

As the children move through the school, they grow physically but they also mature, become more knowledgeable and learn new life-long skills. As a school, we all want to grow and learn together.

 Our Vision:

We want every learner to develop a belief in themselves and the words below spell out I CAN. We want to inspire and challenge the children to achieve, whilst recognising the need for them to be nurtured at all times.                

                    Inspire Challenge Achieve Nurture

Our  Vision Statement:

This statement reflects what we firmly believe the children of Henllys Church in Wales School will become in the future:

 ‘Our vision is to provide an outstanding education, rooted in the Christian faith and values, where all learners are able to reach their full potential. Our children will become ethically informed citizens, who really care about the world around them. They will be active individuals, prepared to lead fulfilled and healthy lives. With confidence and ambition, they CAN and will succeed!’

Our Values for Life:

Meanings, ethics and vision shape the practice of education and as a Church school we have the responsibility to earth their Values in the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith. It is the Christian tradition that gives our Values content and the story of Jesus that gives our Values moral substance. 

The Values that have been chosen by the whole school community are: trust, humility, truthfulness, perseverance, forgiveness, responsibility, respect, peace, compassion, courage, justice and thankfulness. One Value per half term will be the focus of worship and will be followed up in classwork. Over the duration of two years each Value will have been incorporated into our school life.

Year A 

Autumn 1 – Respect

Autumn 2 – Peace

Spring 1 – Compassion

Spring 2 – Courage

Summer 1 – Justice

Summer 2 – Thankfulness

Year B

Autumn 1 – Trust

Autumn 2 – Humility

Spring 1 – Truthfulness

Spring 2 – Perseverance

Summer 1 – Forgiveness

Summer 2 – Responsibility

A home school focus sheet linked to each of the Values for each half term has been uploaded below and we would appreciate your time examining and discussing the Values with your child.