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Safeguarding Policy 2019/2020 Term

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Homework Policy

Professional Learning Grant 2018 to 2019

It is a Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) requirement that we keep parents informed about the professional learning that takes place in school and our use of the professional learning grant.

Last year, Henllys Church in Wales School was given £2864 by WAG to spend on professional learning. We used this money to release teachers to take part in a variety of training linked to the new curriculum that is going to be statutory from September 2022.

Here are some examples of what we have been doing:

  • One member of the senior leadership team took part in leadership training that will help them coach and support the rest of the team.
  • Another member of the senior leadership team took part in a workshop that will help the school develop as a learning organisation.
  • Our HLTA undertook a train the trainer course on the effective delivery of intervention.
  • Staff took part in a joint project with cluster schools on the new curriculum.
  • Staff carried out a series of professional enquiries linked to improving outcomes of children in their classes.

This year we have been given £3300 for professional learning and we intend to use this money to continue to develop staff ready for the new curriculum and have release time to enter into their own research in order to further improve the provision for the children.

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Mrs Philippa Minto


School Priorities as identified through Self Evaluation processes

Whole School

Review whole school planning taking into account the new curriculum.

Develop indoor and outdoor provision in Foundation Phase so that we provide an exciting and inviting appropriate curriculum that challenges and inspires the children and links effectively to the LNF.

Develop an outdoor Sacred Space.

Review AfL and use a wider range of strategies.

Further develop communication with parents.

Further develop provision for MAT pupils.

Develop closer links with the Church and begin confirmation classes in Y6 (and taster sessions in Y2).

Continue to develop senior and middle leaders e.g. Foundation Phase Leader, SLT members and Areas of Learning Leads.

Review Performance Management procedures to take account of the new Professional Standards.

Use the ETLF to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

 LLC and Maths/Numeracy 

Improve attainment of boys at the higher levels in maths.

Improve performance in the national tests (standardised scores in reading, procedural and reasoning).

Develop pupils’ ability to use punctuation and spelling correctly.

Develop extended writing across the curriculum and opportunities to edit and revise written work.

Further develop Welsh skills in UKS2.

Develop the role of the Helpwr Heddiw and the use of incidental Welsh on planning.

Narrow the gap between performance in reading and writing at the end of KS2 and FP.

Continue to develop reasoning skills.

Develop maths intervention in KS2.

Use the maths trackers effectively to plan maths/numeracy lessons.

 Health and Well-being.

Improve provision for wellbeing.

 Science and Technology.

Introduce an ICT baseline and skills ladder to measure progress.

Update ICT provision (chrome books) and use seesaw throughout the school.

Use STEM activities to raise standards.