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School Complaint Policy 2019/2020 Term

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Henllys Church in Wales School E-safety policy – June 2021 with BL agreement


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Safeguarding Policy Sept 2021

Here is the short version of our Child Protection Policy and Procedures:

CP short version updated September 2021

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Homework Policy

Whole School Priorities:


Priority 1: To effectively embed the new curriculum for Wales in all areas by September 2022 and improve outcomes for pupils.


Priority 2: To continue to develop wellbeing and ALN provision and improve learning support for all pupils.


Priority 3: To further develop the school as a learning organisation.


School Priorities as identified through Self Evaluation processes (these are not in order of importance)

Develop outdoor learning in FP and KS2 to provide an exciting curriculum that challenges and inspires pupils and links effectively to the LNF.

Develop an outdoor Sacred Space.

Continue to roll out a wider range of AfL strategies.

Ensure eFSM and MAT pupils progress in line with the rest of the school (develop provision for eFSM and MAT pupils).

Re-establish closer links with other the Church, other schools (collaboration) and the local community post Covid-19.

Re-establish pupil voice groups and ensure they contribute effectively to self-evaluation.

Continue to develop senior and middle leaders e.g. Foundation Phase Leader, SLT members and Areas of Learning Team Leaders.

Further develop TAs e.g. HLTA programme and relevant intervention training.

Review Performance Management procedures to take account of the new Professional Standards.

Re-establish professional enquiries and innovation post Covid-19.

Continue to use the ETLF to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Embed ALN reform bill and new procedures.

Continue with blended learning in light of Covid-19.


LLC including Welsh: (refer to LLC Action Plan)

Improve performance in reading and spelling tests (national and GL).

Improve phonics progress in FP.

Improve handwriting e,g, letter formation in Reception to cursive handwriting in UKS2.

Develop pupils’ ability to spell age appropriate words correctly.

Narrow the gap between performance in reading and writing at the end of KS2 and FP.

Further develop Welsh skills in UKS2 and revise language patterns post Covid using placemats and Cerdyn Clonc.

Develop the role of the Helpwr Heddiw and the use of incidental Welsh to initiate conversations.


Maths/Numeracy: (refer to Math and Numeracy Action Plan)

Training for implementation of the new curriculum (Team leader and staff).

Improve performance in the procedural and reasoning tests and continue to develop reasoning skills.

Continue to develop maths intervention in FP and KS2.

Use Seesaw to effectively evidence numeracy skills in FP.

Use the maths trackers effectively to plan maths/numeracy lessons and ensure appropriate differentiation and challenge.


Health and Well-Being (refer to Health and Well-Being Action Plan)

Continue to improve provision for health and wellbeing.

Embed Whole School Approach to Wellbeing, Trauma Informed Schools and Mindfulness provision.

Re-establish Wellbeing Warriors.


Science and Technology including ICT/DCF: (refer to Science and Technology Action Plan)

Use ICT baseline and skills ladder to measure progress.

Update ICT provision i.e. chrome books and the use of Google classrooms in KS2.

Use Seesaw to effectively evidence science skills in FP.

Use STEM activities to raise standards in science.


Actions carried over from 2020/21.

  • Implement a new spelling tracker in FP.
  • Reintroduce mixing FP pupils for phonics to embed phonics knowledge in different phases.
  • Improve support and provision for MAT pupils.
  • Focus on improving the progress in WSL (Silver Charter Award) and formally introduce provision for MFL.
  • Whole school training on the use of chrome books.
  • Invite STEM ambassadors into school during the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Pupil voice groups need to be set up and trained in how to contribute effectively to the self-evaluation of the school using the ETLF.
  • Whole school TIS strategies to be embedded.
  • Continue curriculum design guided by the PL lead and AoLE team leaders using Pupil Voice.
  • Re-establish the school as a Worship Centre and strengthen Church links.
  • Involve pupils in designing and making an Outdoor Sacred Space.
  • Continue rolling out the range of AfL strategies.
  • Create a ‘Big Frieze’ in the hall for UC.
  • Collaboration with other schools and innovation within the classroom e.g. professional enquiries.
  • Parental workshops on curriculum updates and ALN reform.
  • After school club onsite and mother and toddler group to be set up.