Welcome to Year 2

My name is Miss Standen and I have the pleasure of teaching the Year 2 class. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some details about the work and activities that we have planned for this term, though the children will also have a large say in what they want to learn about as we continue to develop ‘Pupil Voice’ across the curriculum.

Our whole school topic for the Summer is ‘Active Planet’, as part of this we will be looking at a range of things connected to the ‘Seaside’ and ‘Under the Sea’. We are also hoping to visit the beach to extend our learning further.


Model Building
We have been using our loose parts to build models of Welsh landmarks, this was our Castell Coch.  We used the tape measure to see how tall we had managed to build it.


Trusting others & Kerbcraft.
We have been finding out how tricky it can be to put your trust in someone else by guiding our partner around the yard with their eyes closed.

We also take part in Kerbcraft workshops, learning all about how to be safe near roads.


Creative Development
Observational drawings of autumn leaves which we then painted using watercolours.


Updated: Summer Term 2019

Language, Literacy and Communication
Our Literacy work this term will again be based around specific texts, allowing us to explore a range of writing in fun and interesting ways. We will be using the coastal story of ‘The Mousehole Cat’ along with the Welsh based stories of Sglod the dog and his adventures.. We will be developing our oracy skills through performance poetry and group discussions about the environment. 

We will continue to have daily phonics sessions to revise known sounds/introduce new sounds, and we will be taking part in weekly guided reading sessions using our new ‘Project X’ reading scheme. Look out for our seasonal poems, which we wrote last term, appearing on the benches at the LNR very soon!

Mathematical Development
During this term the children will continue to take part in a variety of activities to further develop and consolidate their skills.  We will be looking at multiplication and division, using 3s and 4s, and using this knowledge to solve problems.  

We will also be further developing our calculations involving money and giving change, particularly within our role play area; where our weighing skills will also become very important this term in our sweet shop.  We will continue to reinforce the range of checking strategies that we can use such as number lines, diamonds and ‘flip the sentence’. Children will be encouraged to use all these skills independently throughout their weekly ‘Rainbow Challenges’.

Personal and Social Development, Well Being and Cultural Diversity
Throughout the term the children will take part in a range of activities providing opportunities for them to become independent learners.  We will be considering our role as responsible citizens in the world and how we can ensure that we look after ourselves, others and the planet.

Religious Education
Our Value this half term is ‘Forgiveness’.  We will be exploring a range of Bible stories in which Forgiveness plays an important role for the characters, for example ‘The Lost Sheep’ and ‘The Unforgiving Servant’ will form the basis of our initial thoughts and discussions.  The children will also be taking the opportunity to consider the use of art in religion, and why we pray.

Updated: Summer Term 2019

The children will be developing their ‘Creative Multimedia’ skills, considering different ways in which things can be recorded, and how we can add enhance presentations with extras such as photos and recordings.

The children will play a variety of games to develop their oracy, reading and writing skills to introduce further information about themselves eg where they are going, when they go and what they do there.

P.E. (Physical Education):
During PE sessions the children will be developing and applying their coordination skills through a range of gymnastic activities and the use of a range of apparatus. The term will begin with tennis lessons outdoors, followed by athletics in preparation for Sports Day. Please ensure that PE kits are in school at all times.

Creative Development:
The children will be exploring a variety of ways of designing and creating their own objects, and further developing these skills through our Rainbow Challenges. We will begin with creating collages of what we might see through a porthole under the sea. The children will take part in weekly music sessions, exploring rhythm through the use of a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:
The children will be considering human and physical features of the geography around us, and the impact that we have on the planet. The current issue of plastics in the ocean will be explored, along with ways in which we can make a difference and look after our environment.

Updated: Summer Term 2019

Homework and spellings
Homework will continue to be given out on a Monday, to be returned the following Monday.  Spellings will also be sent home on a Monday to be tested the following Monday.

Other Information

  • National Tests on Thursday 9th May and Friday 10th May
  • Sports Day: 19th June

What can you do to help?
Please can you continue to support your child by reading with them every day, encouraging them to develop a love of reading rather than seeing it as a chore.  Developing discussion around the books will help greatly.

We hope you find this information useful. Thank you in anticipation of your continued co-operation and support.

We would welcome anybody who has expertise in any of the areas that we are studying this term to come in and share your experiences with us!  In the meantime, if you have any queries/questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

Diolch yn fawr,
Miss Standen